What is Penetration Testing?

  • A penetration test (pentest), is an attempt to find a security vulnerability in an IT infrastructure from an attacker's perspective.
  • Acting as a potential hacker, a pentester tries to safely break into a system to gain data-base, filesystem or CMS access.
  • The major purpose of a pentest is to provide a comprehensive security report, allowing IT management and security professionals to implement protective mechanisms effectively.

Standards we follow

Why Penetration Testing?

  • Security breaches, as well as any related disruptions in the business process, can result in dramatic financial losses, degradation of an organization's reputation and loss of customer confidence.
  • New vulnerabilities are discovered every day, so only continuous security efforts are effective (according to PCI DSS a standard pentest should be conducted annually and upon significant changes).
  • By performing well-timed penetration testing, organizations can significantly reduce mounting security risks, prevent unauthorized access to critical systems and protect valuable information.

How Can You Benefit from Penetration Testing?

  • By conducting a penetration test, you can proactively identify the most critical vulnerabilities, tackling the risks before attacks or security breaches take place.
  • Penetration test can confirm that the applicable controls, such as scope, vulnerability management, methodology, and segmentation, required in PCI DSS are in place.
  • Our detailed penetration test report can help organizations to comply with ISO 27001 Information Security Standard requirements.

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Our team consists of world-class professionals including OSCP certified expert acknowledged by such companies as Yahoo and Mozilla.

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We deliver penetration testing services that comply with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST and OWASP guides.

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